9 things I've learned before turning 29

1) The phrase "anti-ageing" on products has really started to bother me. Ageing is just another word for living, and living is pretty freaking awesome. That having been said, no forehead wrinkles for me, please and thank you.

2) Figure out what calms you and try to incorporate those activities into your life. For me, these are as simple as cuddling cats (gosh I wish we could have one in our current place), stepping outside for some fresh air, reading, or going for a run.

3) Spend your emotional energy carefully. Don't be afraid to cut poisonous people out of your life: the friends who aren't really friends, who talk about you behind your back, who use you--don't spend one more ounce of emotional energy on them, and you'll find you have a huge chunk of happiness and time back in your life.

4) It's good to do hard things even when you don't feel up to it. I love running, but I've always said that if I'm feeling a bit crummy or sleepy or under the weather, I don't need to go for a run and it's fine to just skip it. I've recently started pushing myself to just go running anyway and it feels pretty great to push yourself to do something hard and prove yourself wrong about the limits you've imposed on your abilities.

5) People will be rude to you, but it's almost always because of something they are going through or some insecurity they have. It's not about you.

6) That having been said, do not let people walk all over you. If someone speaks rudely to you or in a way that's snarky and inappropriate, let them know that you don't appreciate being spoken to that way--firmly but respectfully. Then don't dwell on it and let it go.

7) There is a very fine line between drinking enough coffee to make me feel human and enough coffee to put me into a state of hyper-alert panic. I walk this line every damn day.

8) When a good friend asks how you're doing, don't just say "fine." Give a real answer...and it can give room for your friend to open up about their struggles, too.

9) Everything I was sure my mom was 100% wrong about in high school, well, it turns out she was pretty much 100% right about. Which brings me to my conclusion...this list of things I've definitively "learned" may end up to be total crap ten years later.


  1. Do you have a favorite product to combat the dreaded forehead wrinkle? My reading concentration face is definitely creating some forehead lines!

    1. Hey Meghan! So sorry for my slow reply! I totally hear you about the reading concentration face :)
      What's your routine at the moment? I've been getting fine lines on my forehead for a few year now and sometimes they look more pronounced than others. There are definitely some things that make a difference--for instance, if I am dehydrated and not drinking enough water, my forehead lines look deeper. Using certain creams/ingredients have really helped to plump them up and keep them at bay however! I find three things make a big difference to me: 1) using products with hyaluronic acid and vitamin e--these are so plumping and nourishing when used routinely; 2) sunscreen every day! this also keeps skin from getting too dehydrated, which makes forehead lines more pronounced; 3) overnight masks like the lancome energie de vie mask which are an intense treatment for dehydration.

      my mom has amazing skin and she said the absolute best thing you can do is start using a retinol in your mid/late twenties is to use a retinol. That's actually scientifically proven to help with wrinkle prevention and correction. I used the Sunday Riley Luna Oil for a year and that's kind of a gentle introduction to retinoids, but I've now bumped it up to using a prescription-level retinol called A313. I've only been using this for about 3 weeks, however, but I'll keep you posted. Shoot me a message if you have any other questions! I hope this has been helpful!


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