worth the hype? glossier boy brow review

glossier boy brow review

Hello lovelies!

I've got another Glossier review for you today. This time, it's their best-selling product: Glossier Boy Brow. It promises to give you, well...the brows of a boy! Natural, fluffy, volumised--all that good stuff.

So how does it hold up?

I should say that I have pretty full brows already. The ends are rather sparse (thanks, young me, for wild and random over-plucking. I guess I thought really short brows were all the rage?).

I use the shade Blonde, and it's a good colour-match for my brows. It's not too warm, which is great, as that's something that instantly makes me look weird. It doesn't really fill in any gaps, but it does make the brows look stronger and more voluminous. It really helps give it that kind of fluffy, brushed up look (which is something I personally love). Another bonus is that it does not leave your brows crunchy and stiff!

The biggest test for me was staying power. I have naturally wavy/curly hair, and my eyebrows literally refuse to be tamed. All brow gels that I had used previous to this--both high-end and drugstore--would make my brows look good for a few minutes. But then I'd check the mirror and poof! they were back to their pre-gel scraggly state. So suffice it so say, staying power/hold is something that is a make-or-break for me.

I am happy to report that Boy Brow actually delivers in terms of hold. It's probably why I'm on my fifth tube of the stuff. One warning: if you actively muss up your brows--as in, accidentally rub them or have an impromptu face-down nap--they will move about, as it were. Boy Brow isn't concrete, but damn does it work!

Photographic evidence below...
glossier boy brow review on eyebrows
the before!
glossier boy brow before and after
and the after! as you can see, it hasn't filled in the gaps per se, but it has beefed up the brows and made them stronger

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