the multi-tasking miracle: diorific matte fluid

diorific matte fluid in charm review

diorific matte fluid in charm review

This little number from Dior is such a catch. It's a two-in-one: a liquid blush and a liquid lipstick...and it's in the loveliest packaging I've ever seen.

So how does it perform?

The Diorific Matte Fluid in Charm is now a firm favourite of mine. This colour is great on the lips, and the lasting power is solid. I wore it out to a fancy lunch before Christmas and it passed the feasting test for sure. It faded a little bit, but in a very even way. It's a really unique colour...almost a rusty mauve, if that makes sense? It'll work in any's moody enough for fall/winter and pink enough for spring/summer.

As a blush, I was worried it would be too dark...especially for someone prone to redness, like me. But it blends out beautifully! I was also worried the matte nature of the pigment would look unnatural, but it actually looks so pretty and fades so naturally into the skin. You can see in the swatch photo below (just beneath the lippie swatch) how it looks when it's blended out.

diorific matte fluid in charm review swatches

Any drawbacks?

The only drawback is that you have to be careful not to over-apply it on the lips. A thin layer will suffice for both pigment and texture. The first time I used it, I immediately whacked on a second layer, only to find that the colour became too intense and almost slightly grey. If you accidentally over-apply, just tap it down lightly with the pad of your ring finger and problem solved.

Another word of warning is that on the cheeks, a little colour goes a long way--and you've got to work quickly with it. But the lasting power is incredible!

Have you guys tried the Diorific Matte Fluid in Charm? I'm dying to try the other shade!


  1. This all makes perfect sense and makes me want to go buy it right now. BUT ... it's a misstep to call anything makeup-y "fluid." Weird. My 2 cents.


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