the springiest fragrance of them all: jo malone red roses

jo malone red roses cologne review

jo malone red roses cologne review
A couple of years ago, my in-laws gave me a bottle of Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne for my birthday (so generous of them!). My birthday's in May, and now the scent of Red Roses always transports me straight to spring.

In these super dark days (where we live, the sun starts to set around 3pm), it's easy to get overwhelmed by the quickly setting sun and the long, cold nights. In this season of stress, I've had to really focus on strategies that help me feel more positive.

There are some big things, like taking professional measures to stay on top of mental health...which I've done, and which I'm so grateful for. But there are also little, day-to-day ways you can make yourself feel better.

It sounds obvious, but something that's really helped my husband and I has been taking Vitamin D tablets. I've also tried to make the most out of the sunlight hours when we have them by going for runs or walks around our village. Sometimes it's as simple as a scent memory that lifts the mood.

On a particularly sunny day last week, my husband and I shot these photos of Jo Malone Red Roses, which reminds me of the long days of spring and the love of my husband's parents. It's such an organic scent as well--as though you've nestled your face in a big bunch of roses, or you're walking through a rose garden.

What are your favourite things to do this time of year? Are you as excited for springtime as I am?


  1. I want to go smell this scent right now! Ballerina Patricia McBride (NYCB) always wore Tea Rose. It was HER scent.


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