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Scottish bridal boho bride makeup inspiration

Even though I love doing my own makeup (obvs), I decided to bring a team of professionals to help out on the big day. My reasoning was this: a) I knew some women in my family would appreciate it, and b) despite my best efforts, sometimes, no matter what I do, my birthmark just won't "take" the concealer. I know that sounds odd--but it's true. Sometimes it just shines through. I usually find this quite frustrating--and I knew I wanted a professional on-hand just in case.

Plus, I think it was really relaxing not to have to worry about doing my own makeup on the day. I didn't have to think through what eyeshadow colours would and wouldn't work and whether I should go with bronzer or blusher.

My one concern was that the makeup artists would put on too heavy a layer of makeup. I always want my skin to look like skin, rather than like foundation. So I did loads of research before booking my makeup artist. The makeup artist I went with had tons of reviews saying that she'd make the client look natural and hadn't piled it on. I was nervous, but I booked them based on the many good reviews.

Scottish bridal boho bride makeup inspiration

What company did I use?

I decided to go with AMM Hair and Makeup Team. They're based in Glasgow, but they have travelling teams all over Scotland. I didn't want to pay for a hair and makeup trial (not to mention that I was teaching summer school full-time and there just wasn't a free moment). Luckily my stylists were super understanding and just asked that I send them some pictures of the styles I had in mind. My makeup artist was Amy, and she was amazing!

What was my inspiration?

This photo and this photo, both from Pinterest, were my inspiration. I knew I wanted a softly defined eye and natural-looking skin, with not too much shimmer anywhere but still a bit of a glow.

I told the artist that I was terrified of my cheeks getting too rosy throughout the day, so she just used bronzer and highlight. The bronzer was a shade from Mac that I can't remember, and the highlight was a mix of the shades from this Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo. My foundation was Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow (my review here). My lipstick was a Milani one...I can't remember the shade! I'm not sure what products she used on my eyes, but she definitely used Mac Extended Play Gigablack Lash, and my concealer was--what else!--the Collection Lasting Perfection (my review here).

Scottish bridal boho bride makeup inspiration

Scottish bridal boho bride makeup inspiration

What's your ideal bridal makeup? Sound off in the comments below.



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