sunday coffee series: watch & read & listen

New series alert! This post is the first in a new series that will go up every Sunday morning, sharing my favourite videos, posts, and podcasts.

One of my favourite rituals is climbing back into bed on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee (my husband makes amazing coffee, sorry to brag) and catching up on my favourite beauty youtubers. I find it super relaxing and inspiring to watch makeup gurus do their thing and create beautiful, wearable looks. Here are are few of my favourite no-makeup-makeup youtube videos:

No-Makeup-Makeup Youtube Videos:

1) I Covet Thee's Minimal Makeup Look

2) Allana Davison's No-Makeup-Makeup Tutorial

3) The August Diaries' No-Makeup-Makeup Look

Here are a few of my favourite blogs that I really recommend checking out for inspiring, beautiful, and honest content...

Favourite Blogs:

1) From Roses: Rebecca is just insanely cool. She posts daily content on life, beauty, skincare,  health, and the merits of a good champagne eyeshadow.

2) Wish Wish Wish: Carrie's photos are just stunning and her blog is so inspiring. She focuses mainly on style and travel. Check out her photos from their recent Norway trip for serious travel envy.

3) A Balancing Peach: I always love to check out what this cool lady's been up to because her pictures are so inspiring. She's got great content on beauty, life, and photography. Bonus, her blog reminds me of my midwestern roots.

So this next category is honestly more of a commuting or running thing than a Sunday snuggles activity...I personally love listening to podcasts while exercising or taking the bus into town. Here are a few of my all-time faves:

Podcasts That Perk You Up:

1) Hello from the Magic Tavern: The premise is that Arnie Niekamp fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King into the magical, fantastical land of Foon. He just so happened to have his podcasting equipment with him, and he cohosts a weekly show with Usidore the Blue and Chunt. I honestly can't say any more or I will ruin it. Do yourself a favour and give this one a try.

2) My Dad Wrote a Porno: This needs no introduction. Some guy's dad wrote a porno and they read it aloud. Super hilarious and also quite disturbing.

3) The Black Tapes: Some of the voice acting in this is a little iffy, but it's a compelling pseudo-journalism horror drama. Super creepy and super addicting.

What do you guys like to do to relax on a Sunday morning? Who are your favourite content creators?


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