luxury base week day 2: YSL all-in-one glow foundation

ysl all in one glow foundation review and swatches

Welcome back to Luxury Base Week! Today we've got the YSL All-in-One Glow Foundation, another base that has been super-hyped by the bigwigs of the blogging community. Here's an honest review of how it stands up...

So how does it perform?

The formula is much more creamy than the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Aqua Nude Foundation (review here), which has a very runny, watery consistency. The YSL is also dispensed via a pump (which is super convenient), unlike the Guerlain, which is dispensed via a sort of squeezy dropper. It's lightly fragranced.

When applied with fingers, the YSL All-in-One Glow sort of comes apart on the skin--which looks alarming at first, but it's actually just the water component of the formula kind of activating. This foundation is therefore definitely on the hydrating side!

ysl all in one glow foundation review and swatches

ysl all in one glow foundation review and swatches

ysl all in one glow foundation review and swatches

How's the coverage?

I usually expect foundations that market themselves as glowy to be on the sheer side (like the Guerlain). This really packs a punch in the coverage department, however! You can also customise the amount of coverage you want. 1 pump of this all over the face gives a light layer of colour-correcting coverage (it definitely knocks back my redness on my cheeks), with a subtle glow. 1.5-2 pumps gives medium-full coverage and looks very dewy.

I use the shade B20.

ysl all in one glow foundation review and swatches

Pros and Cons?

Pros: The coverage is amazing--I love that there's a dewy foundation that actually offers medium-full coverage while still looking like skin.

Cons: Despite being marketed as super hydrating, this still clings to the dry patches on my face (primarily around my nose) and settled into my forehead lines. The shade range looks like it's much better for those on the paler end of the spectrum, rather than those with darker, richer skin tones--which is such a shame and really inappropriate.

Is it worth the price?

I would definitely purchase this foundation again, I'd just make sure to use a smoothing primer on  dry patches. The coverage combined with the glow is awesome! But I still don't love it as much as the foundation I'll be writing about in tomorrow's post...!

Have you guys tried the All-in-One Glow? What are your thoughts?


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