bold lips for the faint of heart: wild ginger & red carpet red

Tom Ford Wild Ginger swatch Charlotte Tilbury red carpet red swatch lipstick swatches

Few things make me feel better on a crappy day than a perfect bold lip.

I'm no-fuss when it comes to make up, so the prospect of a lippie fading in patches or accidentally ending up out of place is terrifying, especially when it's a strong color. That's why these two little numbers are my top picks for fuss-free bright color: not only is the pigmentation of both incredible, but they stay put for several hours without any touch-ups. Pro tip: I'd highly recommend exfoliating and moisturising your lips before wearing these, as they both pick up on dry patches.

Let's break it down.

Tom Ford Wild Ginger swatch tom ford lipstick swatchTom Ford Wild Ginger: This is an orange-toned red that will flatter all skin tones. It can be applied sheerly by gently tapping the bullet onto the lips and blending with fingertips for a light, bright stain that's work-appropriate. The pigmentation is super intense, so you only need one swipe for intense color that's fit for a day off. The finish has a subtle luminosity.

Tom Ford Wild Ginger Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red swatch swatches lipstick luxury lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red: This blue-toned red really brightens the complexion without being too shocking against pale skin tones. The lasting power of this is incredible. It lasts for a good four hours without needing any touchups. And something about the formula of this is also mildly plumping. The finish is a smooth matte.

Tom Ford Wild Ginger Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red lipstick swatches

What's your favourite bold lipstick for an instant pick-me-up? Sound off in the comments below.



  1. My fav is the CT one and it also lasts a lot on my lips :D I usually look for lipsticks that lasts:D

    1. I agree--the CT one has amazing lasting power!


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