glow in a bottle: the daily glow by neighbourhood botanicals

glow in a bottle: the daily glow by neighbourhood botanicals

I've been testing this gorgeous oil from Neighbourhood Botanicals for about 6 weeks now and I've got a full review for you today.

If you're in need of a plumping, hydrating glow-giver, just keep on reading.

 The Daily Glow by Neighbourhood Botanicals

Neighbourhood Botanicals kindly sent me the oil to test and review (not sponsored), and when it landed on my doorstep, I totally freaked out at how stunningly gorgeous the packaging and design of the bottle are. Talk about photogenic. But needless to say, there is so much more to a product than good packaging, so I was eager to see if what's on the inside was as good as the outside.

The Daily Glow is a non-comodegenic daily facial oil that's all-natural, with no synthetics. It's got anti-oxidants and vitamins (there's a hefty dose of vitamin E, which my redness-prone skin loves) and can actually be used in the under-eye area as well as all over the face.

So how does it perform?

The first thing I notice when I use it is the gentle scent of cucumber and orange flower. I find it really calming, but the scent soon disappears when it's absorbed into the skin.

The Daily Glow claims to protect from environmental stressors, like pollution, to combat eye puffiness and increase skin's elasticity. And let me say--it certainly lives up to those claims. When I use this after my serums and moisturiser (shout-out to my beloved Majo Medicine Face Food), not only is the moisture from my previous products sealed in--meaning it lasts longer--but my skin looks positively radiant. It adds a gorgeous gentle glow.

But my favourite property of The Daily Glow is that it plumps out my skin and makes my fine lines look firmer and reduced. It really does make skin more firm and bouncy feeling--like you've got a good night's sleep and drunk enough water instead of frantically chugging coffee and reading about true crime until 1am.

What's your favourite facial oil?


  1. Hi I just bought a bottle of The Daily Glow & found your review after my purchase. Would you of bought the oil yourself or will you be buying it and adding it to your daily routine?


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