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a weekly redness-buster: yllo beauty turmeric face elixir review

You know that feeling when you've just washed off a clay mask or you've just finished your  exfoliation routine and your skin is feeling tight and a little uncomfortable? Like it just needs a hefty dose of calming moisture?

Well, have I got the elixir for you!

Yllo Beauty Turmeric Face Elixir*

Yllo Beauty (pronounced "yellow") are a Canadian company that uses turmeric as the base ingredient in their products (they also have a bad-ass looking turmeric face mask). 10% of their profits also goes to charities around the world that are working to end child marriage.

Turmeric has been a kind of "wonder ingredient" that has been used for thousands of years for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Since rosacea is an inflammatory condition, I was super pumped to see if it would live up to its claims of busting background redness. Turmeric is even used in many Indian wedding customs--it is often applied to the skin of the bride and groom in the lead-up to the ceremony.

a weekly redness-buster: yllo beauty turmeric face elixir review

So how does it perform?

The Yllo Beauty Turmeric Face Elixir is a relatively thin, yellow-hued oil. Yllo recommend that you apply this after you've exfoliated or used a purifying mask or scrub to replenish your skin's moisture and to calm down any redness and fight against any impending or active breakouts. In addition to turmeric oil, it's also packed with other goodies like vitamin e and jojoba oil.

I have been testing this little potion for 12 weeks now. I use this as recommended--after a purifying mask or scrub and before bed. You do need to give the bottle a little shake before you use it. I apply 2-4 drops of this before bed. On the nights that I use the Turmeric Face Elixir, I don't use any other products.

What I love most about this oil is that it really does bust my background redness and provide a hefty dose of moisture and glow. That's why I will continue to use this as a once-weekly treatment after masking/exfoliating.

The only downside is that after one night of using it, I was so excited about the redness-busting results that I used it three nights in a row. This caused my skin to have a minor break out (not cystic, not a crazy rash). I waited for the breakout to heal and continued to use it only once a week and never had any problems again. So I'd definitely recommend that unless your skin is INSANELY dry, you only use this once a week.

*kindly gifted but all opinions are 100% my own because I respect my readers enough not to bullshit them.

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