the not-too-girly pink: charlotte tilbury english beauty review

Charlotte tilbury English beauty review

This is one of the new lipstick launches I've been most excited about, so when Charlotte Tilbury launched a new Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade English Beauty in the middle of dreary January I snapped it right up. So let's see how it performs, shall we?

Charlotte tilbury English beauty review

Charlotte tilbury English beauty review

What's the colour and how is it different from Pillow Talk?

It's a peachy-pink with warm tones. Pillow Talk is much more cool-toned with a pinky-mauve tint. My problem with pink lipsticks is that they're often too girly and too "barbie-pink", but the peach tones in Charlotte Tilbury English Beauty keep it from being too much of a traditional pink.

Does it pass the feasting test?

This lipstick has good staying power--not the best in the world--but it's solidly good. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, you wouldn't need to worry about reapplying before lunch, but you'd want to touch it up after a big meal. You don't need to worry about touching it up after a coffee, though!

Have you guys tried Charlotte Tilbury English Beauty?


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