my tom ford lipstick collection

tom ford lipstick collection

tom ford lipstick collection

Ladies and gents, I bring you...the lipstick I've spent way too much money on!

You can't buy Tom Ford lipsticks that many places in Scotland, so sometimes when we happen to be passing through Edinburgh, I'll nip over to Harvey Nichols and have a major swatch-fest. Sometimes I'll even leave with one of these beauties in a pretty Harvey Nichols bag. So whether you're thinking of investing, or just want a peek inside my lippie drawer, read on...

Why invest in a Tom Ford lipstick?

If you're a makeup addict, I don't see how you couldn't fall for the packaging. And it feels so heavy and luxe when you hold it that you almost don't mind how much you spent on it!

But in all seriousness, Tom Ford lipsticks have THE. BEST. lipstick formulation I've ever used. They simply blow all other lipsticks out of the water. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like sneaking into your mom's closet when you were 12 and using her lipstick. It's creamy, fully pigmented, ridiculously long-lasting, and never dries out.

Which ones have I purchased?

Firstly, let me just give a shout out to Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book and Stacey at Expat Makeup Addict for enabling my Tom Ford addiction. They have such great swatches of almost all of the TF lippies on their blogs--go and have a look!

In order from left to right, I have Wild Ginger, Casablanca, True Coral, and Spanish Pink.

Wild Ginger: a bright orange-toned red. See my full review with lip swatches here.

Casablanca: a mauve-toned neutral. Perfect for everyday wear and an awesome "office" lippie.

True Coral: a bright coral-pink. This is the ideal spring/summer lip in my opinion. I love applying a full layer and then blending it with a brush to create a stained effect.

Spanish Pink: this is a peachy pale pink. I wore this to my rehearsal dinner under a nude gloss and it really complimented the warm tones in my eyeshadow. Another versatile pink that's subtle enough for the office and sultry enough for a date night.

tom ford lipstick collection

tom ford lipstick collection

Which one is my favourite?

That would be like asking me to pick a favourite child...I just can't. I love them all just a little bit too much.

Have you guys invested in any Tom Ford lipsticks?


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