my top tips for running with rosacea

avene sunscreen and spray review

Living with rosacea can be tough, especially if you love running. I'm not an amazing runner by any means, but I do have a 5k under my belt. And I find that running really helps me to maintain a healthy mind and to appreciate the beautiful place I live in.

The one thing is that running, or any exercise that gets your heart rate up, can cause rosacea flares. So if you've got rosacea, or are just prone to redness, read on to see how I manage it. Bear in mind that I'm not a doctor--these are just the tips that have worked for me over the past few years of trial and error.

Also, I do realise that all these products are by Avène. This is NOT sponsored or gifted in any way. These products just genuinely get the job done.

Before the run

The number one trigger for rosacea is sun exposure. Mine is also triggered by exposure to cold air and wind. Before I head out the door, I slap on a thick layer of the Avène Very High Protection Cream SPF 50+. I love it because the soothing, thick texture is not only moisturising, it also provides a protective layer for my sensitive skin against the cold Scottish winds.

avene sunscreen and spray review

It's all in the aftercare 

As soon as I get back after my run, I spritz my face with a generous amount of the Avène Eau Thermal Water spray. At this point, my face is always beet red--it's kind of hilarious. I spritzed it with this spray once on a whim to try and cool it down, and found it works so well! It was such a happy accident. Not only does it cool down the face, which reduces the severity of the flare, but it also acts to calm the redness itself. It works much better in my experience than just splashing your face with cold water.

avene sunscreen and spray review

Anyway, whether you've got rosacea or just rosy cheeks, it might be worth giving these tips a try. Doesn't hurt that it's all drugstore products as well!

What do you guys do to reduce your exercise-induced flares?



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