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I am pretty devoted to my skincare routine, but we all know that sometimes life gets in the way and we fall asleep with our makeup on instead of properly cleansing and moisturizing. And sometimes that might happen for several days in a row.

When I’ve been neglecting my skin and it needs a serious injection of TLC, these are the masks I turn to.

I purchased this mask the last time my husband and I were in Paris (I had the ridiculous good fortune of living and working in Paris at various points over the last four years). This mask is packed with moisturizing agents and a touch of salicylic acid. I put on a medium-thick layer before bed and sleep with it on. The next morning, my face is flooded with moisture and seriously plumped up (in a good way). Thanks to the salicylic acid, my skin looks brighter and less congested. It’s basically a miracle worker. You can also use this mask not as a sleeping pack by applying it for twenty minutes at a time and then rinsing it off, but I find this method to be much less effective.

This is one of my favourite masks—but it hasn’t always been so. Way back when I was in my early twenties, I picked this up and tried it out. It did absolutely nothing for my skin. Looking back on it, I think that was because my skin did not need any help in those days. It wasn’t dry or dehydrated or sensitive. Now that I’m inching closer to the big 3-0, this mask is a staple in my routine, especially when my skin is stressed from travel or lack of sleep/nutrition. I use it at night. The next morning, my skin looks much more even and any spots are seriously knocked back. It helps with my background redness and adds moisture. It basically just calms everything down and sorts everything out.

If you don’t have sensitive skin, I would recommend having a serious at-home spa night and applying the goddess skin clay mask, followed by the Lancome sleeping pack to wake up with some serious moisture and glow. (FYI, my skin is so sensitive that it doesn't often like the intensive treatment of two masks in a row, even if the second mask is quite soothing.)

What's your favourite treatment for calming stressed-out skin? Sound off in the comments below.



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