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beautiful Scotland countryside village life
I was raised just outside of Washington, DC. And when I graduated college, I moved to the city itself and lived there for a few years. Needless to say, the move from capitol city to tiny Scottish fishing village was a big change. But it was a change I was ready for, and something I had been wanting for a very long time.

Even though I was raised in the city, I am a country girl at heart. I love being surrounded by farms and sheep and cattle. I am just blissful where I live--and I am incredibly grateful for it.

But I'd be lying if I said there weren't a few things that I miss. Here are my tips on relocating from city to countryside:

Shop local

Even though I definitely miss the multitude of great food options in cities, my husband and I definitely cook a lot more than we would do if we lived in a metropolis. Well, I should admit that my husband does 100% of cooking! Anyway, one benefit of living in a village rather than a city is the ability to buy food that was produced and grown locally. Instead of doing one big shop at only one supermarket, like we did in the city, we go to the several little shops in our village to buy fruit & veg, meat, bread, etc. I love knowing that the strawberries I am eating come from the farm just up the road.
beautiful Scotland countryside village life

Shop online

If you're a beauty and fashion addict like myself, you might find yourself a little bit lost when it comes to your shopping habit. This has proved to actually be a very good thing for me--I focus less on accumulating material goods and more on being grateful for what I already have. I also now tend to prefer buying investment pieces that will last for years and that are less trend-based and more timeless.

Being more than an hour away from shopping centres, you tend to rely more on online retailers. And you come to learn pretty quickly which ones have free shipping and good customer service. Asos is an awesome online shopping destination. I've bought everything from wedding guest dresses to  bridesmaids dresses to everyday basics. The returns process is so darn easy that it's not difficult to order multiple sizes and find something that suits you.

beautiful Scotland countryside village life

Fight isolation

Living in a rural area can be a little isolating if you don't try to become part of the community. This may sound obvious, but little things like chatting with your neighbours and making conversation with shopkeepers can really help with loneliness. And we've been lucky enough that those little conversations have turned into friendships. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

beautiful Scotland countryside village life

Take advantage of the beautiful scenery

Before I lived in the country, I definitely was not a "fitness person". But since moving out here, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful country paths and take up running. My dad's a runner, so I had a great source of fitness inspiration! I am not an amazing runner by any means, but by taking the time a few days a week to explore the area and challenge my body has been invaluable. Going for a run always helps me cultivate a sense of gratitude for where I am lucky enough to live. There's also something really healing about being outdoors.

Don't be alarmed when everyone says "hello"

I distinctly remember walking along the high street of our village with my husband one day not long after moving here. Several people said "hello" to us and my husband cheerily replied in kind. When we had a moment alone, I said, alarmed, "do you know them???". My husband said "nope". Apparently that's the way things work over here! Living in the city, no one even smiles at anyone else...let alone says hello to anyone you don't know! Anyway, I certainly love how kind and welcoming everyone in our village is.
beautiful Scotland countryside village life


  1. wow! where you live is absolutely beautiful!
    you're very lucky and it seems like you are appreciating every bit of living in the country
    this was a really lovely post to read :) hope you're having a lovely day! x

    Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

  2. thank you so much for your kind comment, liz! by the way, your blog is lovely!
    x Cory

  3. Dear Cory: your post just made me laugh because it reminds me a lot about my own experiences in Thun (Switzerland) for two years until I came to Madrid and you already know the rest ;-)

    I wish you guys the best!! Enjoy the perks of saying "hello!" constantly to everybody. For me it is better than running hahah.

    x MarĂ­a


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