my top tips for long-lasting nail polish

my top tips for long lasting nail polish

The main reason I love getting my nails done professionally is because of that lovely gel magic that makes the polish not chip for two-three weeks. Through dishwashing, gardening, you name stays put.

But goodness it is EXPENSIVE. So over the years I've figured out a couple of hacks to help your at-home manicure last a little bit longer.
It's all in the prep

The best tip I ever got for making my nail polish longer is to prep your nails using the Orly Bonder. It's a base coat that basically grips onto the nail polish you apply over top, making it last much longer than it would otherwise. This is now a totally indispensable part of my routine and it's definitely my #1 at-home mani hack.


Of course, the formula of the varnish itself is also important. My top two formulas are the Essie Gel Couture and the Morgan Taylor* polishes. I was sent the Morgan Taylor polishes to try out under no obligation to like them or even review or mention them. And they're bloomin' AWESOME. They last longer than any other polish has ever lasted on me--and I have the flimsiest thin nails you've ever seen. Plus, they're super affordable.

Essie Gel Couture are also great, but they don't last as long on me as the Morgan Taylor ones. The bonus for the Essie Gel Couture varnishes is that you can pick them up at Boots.

Top coat wizardry

Hands-down, the BEST topcoat EVER is the Essie Gel Couture topcoat. You don't have to use it with an Essie polish. Whenever I use another topcoat, my manicure inevitably chips sooner. It also mimics that plump, shiny effect you get from the professional gel.

What are your at-home manicure hacks?



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